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Entry for October 27th, 2007

Southern California Firestorm
The Booth Family has lost everything in the fire. They had no insurance.

This alone is not unique. Many families have lost their homes in the Southern California

The difference is Nichole and Robert Booth have a teenage daughter, Alexis, on life
support who lives with them. This picture I took is of her torched  hospital bed with an
oxygen tank. Alexis was 2 when she was diagnosed with a tumor on her brain stem. Multiple
surgeries later, she can't breathe without the aid of machines. But aside from that, Lexi is a
normal kid. With the aid of a specially constructed bed/wheel chair that handles her
equipment, she's on the cheer team. A boy asked her to the school dance. She has friends,
is a fantastic big sister to her 3 younger siblings, and hardly ever complains. Nichole and
Robert are determined to give Lexi a normal life. A few years back, they made a
cross-country pilgrimage to DisneyWorld in Florida, charting their route by waypoints of
medical supply companies where they could refresh Lexi's oxygen tanks and other medical

Nichole and Robert also have a water well business. They are widely known for being fair
and honest. They've also been known to fix elderly folks' water systems in exchange for a
bag of oranges or a dozen eggs when it was clear the customer was tight on funds. They
lost all their equipment, parts, and office in the fire that also gutted their home. Their pump
truck also burned.

Nichole and Robert are trying to get back on their feet. FEMA has already indicated that
they won't assist with the residential portion of the claim because they weren't the owners
of the home- Robert's Dad is.

I set up a fund for them at Wells Fargo Bank, and threw together a website for people who
want to help:

You can also read their fire recovery blog,  the story of their recovery, if you click on the
"news" button on the main page.

If you'd like to help, that would be wonderful. This is so much better than giving to some
giant organization that does GOD KNOWS WHAT with the millions they rake in.
Every penny of what you give goes to Nichole and Robert, and every penny will get them
one step closer to giving Alexis her normal life back.

Thank you.
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