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The nice thing about the Declaration is that it has
something for everyone (key to a successful political

We're all human.  We all want to eat, sleep in a safe place,
put our children to bed knowing that they'll still be there
in the morning, have access to a way to provide the basic
needs and beyond for ourselves and families, etc - which
means that our fledgling party would be WIDE open to
people of all faiths, colors, or creed.  

A dear friend asked me today what job I would do if I could do anything-- to which I
responded with a thought that came out of the blue, "I would found a political party based
on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and then lead a global revolution."  

Stop snorting.  I might be on to something here.
We could use the Declaration as a starting point, weave in a good line or two from the
Constitution & Bill of Rights and voila: We have the foundation of a political party whose
goal is to get the politicians & political machinery to hold the rights of its citizens as a
priority, and not some convoluted foreign policy that's blowback from decades of
short-sighted decisions, or worse, heinous crimes "in the name of God".

Interested?  Email me.
Entry for December 14, 2006

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