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Superb fiction is not about sentences, characterization, story and plotline flow, or all the
points you learn in school (although those do matter). The real art of fiction is in creating a
seamless world and then holding it for the reader to experience, like a Virtual Reality trip
from their existence into the one you've made just for them.

Fiction is also a method of teaching, storytelling for a reason, to impart a wisdom, an
understanding, a possibility. Or in the case of "Thief", to shine a light.

It's about recapturing the magic of our ancestors, fiction before the invention of the
printing press: the crackling fire, the starry night sky, and the power of the spoken word
coming from the heart and soul of a master storyteller.

Tip of the day: When proofreading, read the entire manuscript backwards, one sentence
(forward) at a time. You'll be amazed how many errors you catch that way.

Happy writing!
Entry for December 18, 2006

The Art Of Fiction