People are starting to buy & read the book. was out of stock for awhile.  My
brother-in-law is looking at me differently, more intently now, as if he's trying to figure out
whether I have an alter ego that yearns to be called Madam President, or a murky past as a
deep cover CIA operative.  I live in a  small town.  This might get a little strange.  

Should I tell the truth, that the characters talk to me, tell me exactly what they want to say
and do?  

Found the Christmas tree tilted this morning.  Closer inspection revealed a wide puddle of
water, several downed ornaments, two guilty-looking cats, and a string of cheery, twinkling
lights running through the middle of the lake.  Fortuantely the manufacturers of those lights
anticipated this sort of thing and made it so people aren't getting electrocuted all across
the country.

Am putting together a few packages for terminally ill relatives who supported me & Thief
for the past 15 years- it would be nice for them to hold & see the completed product.  One
cousin, an attorney with Lou Gehrig's.  Horrible disease, leaves the mind intact while
decimating the body.  Does Big Pharma actually try to cure disease, or do they see more $
in long term treatment?  
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In Time
Entry for December 3, 2006

A  Book  is  Born