Saw Dateline NBC by default last night- husband Thomas had it on- and they did
a spot on North Korea.  

I was flabbergasted by how NBC demonized the North Korean people.  It reminded
me of high school playground, where the jocks taunted the weird kid who just wanted
to be left alone with his D&D figurines.  

Granted, North Korea is an isolationist country with a very odd leader and almost
Big Brother/1984 obsession with nationalistic pride and Kim Jong. And they
probably don't have the greatest human rights record.  But the wise, sane, foreign
relations approach would be to just LEAVE  THEM  ALONE.  

Let them do whatever funky stuff they want, don't antagonize them, and sooner or
later Kim Jong is going to die or the North Korean people will change the program

Proponents of an aggressive tactic would say North Korea needs to be contained,
embargoed, punished.  On the other hand, if you travel abroad, you will find people
are saying America needs to be contained.  So who's right?

The Dateline blonde who did the interviews made it a point to ask North Korean
citizens why they didn't like America- and most said something to the affect of that
they feel bullied and harassed.  

The reporter passed out copies of the Star or National Enquirer to a high school
class- then wondered aloud to her American viewers why the children weren't
intrigued by the "glossy" American magazines.  

Come on, we don't all worship Paris Hilton.
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Entry for December 09, 2006

Life In The Global Playground