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Just returned from New York City and a gala wedding (congratulations Andrea & John!!)
and as fate would have it, the cab driver who took us from the hotel to the wedding site had
a very interesting story to tell. Mind you, this was unsolicited information. I did not tell him I
was a writer, or the subject of my book.

He was a native New Yorker who got the heel of his foot shot off in the 80's during
Reagan's war on Grenada (anybody remember that one? I didn't, until he mentioned it) and
he had quite a bit to say about the World Trade Center bombing.

According to him, he was close enough to the site to feel the ground jolt, "like an
underground bomb" BEfORE the building fell. His neighbor is an engineer who helped
build the 600 foot round pillars in the WTC. According to the neighbor, there is no way
the building could've fallen as reported. The neighbor agrees with the underground bomb

The cabbie went on to say that he's spoken with a lot of Port Authority and Fire
Department guys and gals who responded on that fateful day- and most of them claim, from
what they personally experienced, that explosives took the whole shebang down. Not

When asked why people weren't coming forward with that information, the cabbie shrugged.
"Could be fear, or that people would think they're nuts. Who knows?"

My husband and I exchanged glances. I leaned forward, and said quite earnestly, "But that
attack is the reason we are at war in Afghanistan and Iraq."

The cabbie flapped his hand. "It's too much. I don't like to think about it."

A long, awkward silence, then he let out a happy, tension-releasing sigh. He met my gaze in
the rear view mirror and grinned. "My shift's over. After I drop you off, I'm goin' home, crack
some beers and watch the Mets."


The more people who read myThief Of Sacred and contact me to tell me their stories, the
more I learn- and the more I realize how accurate my research truly was...AND that we are in
for one hell of a wild ride that has only just begun.

Yet as Jonah says, "There are no secrets, only delayed information."
Entry for June 05, 2007

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