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“There exists a sense of powerlessness and anger across broad sectors of society.”

Sound familiar, my fellow Americans?

Actually, this is the response I received when I asked why the peaceful, family oriented
Muslims in the Gulf didn’t band together to squash the renegade fundamentalist terrorist

Many here in the USA echo that same sentiment of anger and powerlessness. I hear both
sides blaming the actions of the other. Both blame their respective governments. And both
seem unwilling or unable to put peace ahead of personal belief systems.

So I started to wonder why.

Consider that the three major world religions currently creating our unhappy headlines have
two main things in common: belief in a divine savior, and prophecies and predictions
concerning the “End Times”.

Given that fact, how many of our world leaders believe it is their divine destiny to prepare
the way for a messiah, a savior? Is it possible that devout Christian leaders consciously or
subconsciously desire the final war between good and evil, to force the Messiah, their
savior? And doesn’t that belief produce the same result as when an Ayatollah urges his
followers to slay infidels in the name of Allah?

Then I started wondering along these lines: how many people lack a commitment to improve
this world because of a belief that when they die, they ascend to a land of milk and honey,
into Jesus’ welcoming arms, or those of beautiful young virgins?

I really do understand it, considering the sheer number of people who are sick and tired of
being in pain. There seems to be no way out. I understand how that leads people to
embrace the idea of a savior, holding out for some miraculous event or divine being to rid our
world of pain. But what if those who are waiting, hoping, praying, are actually the saviors

All evidence points to the undeniable conclusion whoever IS in charge on this planet,
should not be. I came for the revolution, for EVOLUTION.

What about you?
Entry for August 4, 2007  

Is There A Savior In The House?