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January 21, 2008:  Where, Oh Where, Did All Our Money Go?
 Firestorm Relief, Red Cross, Grief
October 27, 2007:  Southern California Firestorms - AGAIN
San Diego's Witch Creek Fire And Our Booth Family
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September 1, 2007:  Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To School We Go
      Schooling. ADHD, & Big Pharma
August 4, 2007:  Is There A Savior In The House?
      Second Coming, Politics, Religion, Christianity vs. Islam    
July 4th, 2007:  Oh My Goodness...!
          6th Sense, Technology
June 21, 2007:  I Collect People
      Building Characters And Life
June 14, 2007: The Point Of No Return ~ Journey At A Crossroads
      A View On 2008 Presidential Race And Humanity's Race
June 5, 2007:  Pop Goes The Weasel
       Startling Info About 9-11-01
April 14, 2007:  The Taxman Cometh
       What Choices Are We Parents Making?
February 19, 2007: Frog Liberation Day
       Just Like The Title Says...
February 1, 2007: Requiem For A Faerie
        Growing Up Baby And Belief Systems
December 21, 2006: Dark Night & The Brothers Grimm
Observations During The Winter Solstice
December 18, 2006:  The Art Of Fiction
         Reflections & Refractions Of Storytelling
December 14, 2006: Circles & Mirrors
          Birth Of The Human Rights Party
December 9, 2006: Life In The Global Playground
           Whisky Tango Foxtrot ~~ Dateline NBC & North Korea
December 3, 2006: A Book Is Born
           The Thief Of Sacred Is FINALLY Published...
February 8, 2008: Fool Me Once, Shame On You ~ Fool Me Twice...
     Gulf Wars 1 & 2,  The PuppetMasters
August 5, 2008: Just Say NO!
Cucumber Sandwiches and the War On Drugs