"I just finished reading your book. And I have only one 3-letter word that would
describe it: “WOW”.  Let me just say that political intrigue is not normally what I
choose to read. That being said, as I dug deeper into the story, I found I was
hooked. You created characters that I really cared about, and you wove plot
lines masterfully, taking unexpected turns all along the way.  Oh, and if you've
written any other books, would you mind letting me know?"
-B. Sedloff  Bristol, WI
"I loved this book!  I finished it within 24 hours!"
-G. Conley, San Francisco, CA
"To tell you I enjoyed your book would be an understatement. As I read it, I
realized that you captured the embodiment of an ideal President (man OR
woman) that I believe this country yearns for (I know I do). It seemed like I was
right there in the room with Zella and loved that she did not have the cliché
female weaknesses that Hollywood insists on women's roles. She could kick
a*s, and rule intellectually, and also with self-sacrifice even when everyone
else disagreed.  God, I WISH for a President like that."
-T. Seneca, Fredricksburg, Maryland
"This book was great fun and perfect for my crowded economy seat on Jet
. Harrad, Washington DC
“(The Thief of Sacred) is an engaging novel that I couldn't put down! The
tapestry of characters, events and plot twists were so vividly portrayed that I
was instantly enveloped in this drama. From start to finish this novel kept me
on the edge of my seat and the parallels with the current global political climate
are unnerving. I can’t wait for the sequel!"
-B. Levin, Santa Ysabel, CA
"This is a great book.  I loved it.  I'm recommending it to my book club."  
-B. Meador, San Diego, CA
"Jacqueline Lloyd’s smashing tale Thief of Sacred is a richly woven page
turner; I could not put this book down. This compelling tale pulled me into the
settings and nailed my thumbs to the pages. I am amazed at how the political
and structural lay of the land are disclosed while keeping me completely
captivated. I truly enjoyed this modern day heroic tale extremely well written
and conveying eye opening political intrigue. I can’t wait for more from Zella
This is the book to read!"
-L. Levine, Novato, CA
"The Thief of Sacred is a twisting, turning journey of people with power who
think they know best.  The ending was a twist that I didn’t quite see coming.  I
barely had put the book down when I suggested this book to several associates
of mine."
-B. White, Veteran, United States Navy- San Diego, CA
"A story for the time that is intimately personal,
forcefully political, realistically international and
frighteningly plausible.  It will be the unusual reader
who comes away from this experience without
wishing it were possible to meet the principal players
in this captivating drama, if nothing else, to cheer
them on!"         
-James Fellows, former President, American
Television Group, Washington DC
"I picked up the book Sunday evening and finished it Monday. Wow, this is an
incredible book! The lessons are clear - at least to those of us with awareness
awakened. Perhaps it will awaken others. I'll recommend it. It's a good read and
interesting story."
-A. Colangelo, Clinton WA
"Your book was great.  I plowed through it; it kept me up until midnite on a
work nite because I HAD TO finish it. Nice Grateful Dead Play on page 191. I
need a miracle every day too!"
-B. Zantjer, Boise, ID
"I read this book in just a few days!! How terrific you are!! Wow, what a book! I
really had a hard time putting it down. I've always loved spy-thriller novels and
haven't read any in so long, this really was awesome. Scary too! So, is there a
sequel? I'm telling my friends about it...word of mouth works!"
-L. Choate, Denver, CO
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YOUR Review!
"Dear Ms. Lloyd-
I really enjoyed reading "The Thief Of Sacred".  It was fascinating and I stayed
up all night to finish the novel.  The fact that the book outline was written before
9-11-01 was amazing.
The only thing bothering me is the significance of the title. Keep writing as I'm
impatient to read your next book."
Sincerely, J. Disraeli, San Diego, CA.
"Warning:  One you pick up this rivating book, you won't be able to put it down.  
Lloyd's shows a brilliant astuteness in politics  and it clearly reminds each of us
that our present reality is not far off from this book. A great read!"
Julie Johnson
-Law of Attraction Talk Radio
"Jacqueline Lloyd's The Thief of Sacred is a surprisingly irresistible thriller that
I could not put down once I started reading it.  It is full of well-researched
historical facts and world events.  Only a truly gifted writer could make me read
a political, war novel from beginning to end without taking a peek at the
Witty dialog, exciting plot, strong female lead, betrayal, international intrigue,
conspiracy theory, abuse of power…It has all the ingredients for an exciting
thriller at the box office! I can't wait!"  -Kim Nguyen-Hargett  CA
"I took your book to Cabo and read it.  I normally do not read fiction...my non
fiction reads create enough excitement for me...however, I was blown away
with your book.  I soooo wish you would write another one...you are so
talented.  My husband, Dan, was also awe struck that this was your first book.  
He is reading it now." -Linda Roggemann, Montana