"The Thief Of Sacred is a page-turning, action-packed story full of conspiracy,
intrigue and political twists that keep you captive to the last page.  It's
downright eerie that Lloyd wrote this before 9/11.  This book reads like an
action movie- it grabbed my attention right from the  beginning and kept me
hooked until the very end.  With mastery, Lloyd interweaves an interesting
array of believable characters in a plot of conspirators, savvy politicians,
treacherous allies, clandestine operations, surprise attacks, terrorism,
behind-the-scenes Washington power blocs, biological weapons, and a hint of
romance.  Her main character, Zella, operates with a courage and integrity that
could inspire us all.  
Copyrighted originally in 1998, Lloyd's story does not foretell specifically the
destruction of the Twin Towers, but it does strike a resonant chord along the
same frequency when it tells of two other US landmarks bombed by terrorists
with deadly precision.  Instead of Osama Bin Laden, the Thief of Sacred
features a head terrorist by the name of Abdallah ibn Fatah who is hiding out in
the Gulf somewhere during the time of the attacks.  With these parallels, her
skillful research, political savvy and captivating writing, Lloyd presents a story
of international intrigue which is highly entertaining as well as unsettling in its
plausibility.  I can't wait until her sequel!"
-Constance Luciano, Tuscon, AZ
"Lloyd's novel, The Thief Of Sacred, compares favorably with such thrillers as
Eye of the Needle and Grisham's A Time To Kill. Like those two novels,
The Thief Of Sacred keeps the suspense level, and the reader's interest, high
throughout the book. The epilogue has the flavor of Brown's
The Davinci Code.  
The movie industry would love this novel.
Reading Lloyd's novel is certainly time well spent. It is a very good novel and
for a first novel, it is outstanding."
-D. Cosentino, Ramona, CA
"Prescience?  Imagine a book involving conflict between the U.S. and anti- U.S.
nations in the Middle East.  With emotions inflamed on all sides by the
schemings of an Arab terrorists' organization threatening to unleash horror of
unimagined scope, the president of the United States finds herself (sic) caught
in a dreadful situation.  
'The Thief Of Sacred, by Jacqueline Lloyd, is a
never-a-dull-moment read.  And believe it or not, it was written before 9/11!"
-A. Dobbins, Portland, OR
"Prescient, thought-provoking and timely..."
-Judy Martin, San Francisco, CA
"A truly enjoyable read. I hope she writes more!"
-Ann Hogue, San Francisco, CA
"I highly recommend The Thief of Sacred.  It is a tight, well-crafted thriller that
will keep you up way too late because you can't put it down!  This is the best
kind of book: you find yourself rooting for the key characters and gritting your
teeth when things aren't going their way.  The plot is full of unexpected twists;
the ending answers lots of questions and uncovers deeper ones, so you put
the book down wanting MORE!
As pure entertainment, The Thief of Sacred is great.  But what's even better is
the integrity of the characters, showing us what the American Presidency could
be, and another way for our country to interact with the other countries on the
planet.  And it's positively uncanny that the book was completed before 9/11.  
This is one you may want to read over and over again.  I am eagerly awaiting
publication of the sequel."
-D. Lees, Sonoita, AZ
"Like a really good movie, this story sticks with you long after you finish the
book.  I still think about the characters, especially Zella's strength and
-K. Mehelic, San Diego, CA