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     When I was young, I used to get in trouble during Sunday school for
arguing with the teachers.  My dispute always had to do with a
disagreement over what Jesus said or did, as taught according to the
Bible.  This was San Francisco in the late 1970's, and the grandmotherly
volunteers were so patient with me but clearly, they did not like what I had
to say or the passion with which I said it.  For what I knew to be true was
definitely not in alignment with Presbyterian doctrine.

     My mother gave up, eventually, and stopped making me go to church.  
But the frustration I felt about what I saw so clearly to be a
misinterpretation of the man called Jesus and his teachings never went

     At 41 years of age, shortly after the birth of my second child, I felt
compelled to unearth that innate knowledge to see what it was all about.  
With pen in hand, in a three week time period dictated by my newborn's
erratic sleep schedule, this story of the seven poured out of me, a story I
was born with in my heart.

             -Jacqueline Lloyd     September 2009
tags: essene, ancient druid, jeshua
joseph bar joseph, initiate, womens
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