When the President of the United States is
assassinated in a series of terrorist attacks, Vice
President Zella Brooks inherits the office with a
steel resolve to protect her people at any cost.  But
harrowing twists and surprise turns soon leave her
not knowing who or what to believe.

Desperate for the truth, she takes an unthinkable
path, a choice that guarantees political suicide by
turning Congress, the American people, and even
her advisors against her.  

In a race against time, she must fight her enemy
and go public with the evidence- before the final
execution of an attack so sinister it will murder
millions worldwide...
The Thief of Sacred was on an editor's desk in New York
when the attacks of 9-11-01 occurred.  The similarities
between the storyline and reality coupled with the suddenly
controversial nature of the information presented in the
novel caused them to pull the plug on the project.
The original, unaltered manuscript is now available.
tags- jacqueline Lloyd, the thief of sacred, conspiracy, terrorism, zella brooks,